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Keeping You Free While the Dance Floor Is Busy

MegaHyperion Sound is a professional music entertainment service based in Albany, New York. DJ Digest, the owner of the business, is an energetic individual who is passionate about lively occasions. Our goal is to provide you high-quality service that caters to every kind of budget.

MegaHyperion Sound has extensive knowledge of various music genres and is able to tailor playlists to the unique tastes and preferences for clients. We use various industry-grade equipment to guarantee excellent audio quality.

What Our Clients Say

Heart fill with music

Helped Elevate My Wedding to be an an Unforgettable Event.

My wedding was truly elevated thanks to DJ DiGest (Damion) from Megasound. From the first day I contacted him, to the final song played at my wedding, he was always responsive, available, patient, and extremely enjoyable to work with. Both his MC and DJ work were awesome.

He did a fantastic job mixing in the playlist we provided him with his own picks in order to make sure the mood stayed perfect throughout the night. He also was always checking in on the requests from the guests as well and sprinkled them in.
I couldn't have asked for a better DJ for my wedding

Robert & Lindsay

Heart fill with music

Awesome DJ! We were partying the whole night because of Damion’s selections! He knew the crowd and played what everyone wanted to hear. He played music for the young people and threw in plenty of classics for the older generation. Everyone was dancing and when someone tried not to, Damion played a song that would get them on their feet! There was so much laughter which helped create hilarious moments in pictures because of the music. All of my wedding guests praised me for choosing such an amazing DJ and by the end of the night, the DJ booth was swarmed with many of the guests complimenting his music choices! I’m sure he’s going to get hired again by someone in my family! Wonderful job Damion, thank you for playing such an important role on our special night.

Jacqueline Hanson

Heart fill with music

Thank You so much Damion! Damion was as much a part of the wedding as the rest of my family! He read my reception's energy and played the perfect music for the perfect settings and moments. He was easy to book and very responsive to all of my questions. He took song requests (though we didn't need to make any) and was a wonderful addition to my big day. Thank you so much Damion, you helped me create such beautiful memories with my husband and family

Patricia Love


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