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Lighting Equipment

MegaHyperion Sound offer lighting for all occasions. This is a positive way to bring your event to the next Level . 

When it comes to your event, a knowledgeable Disc Jockey is important. Lighting make a huge transformation to venue and private property. Why not enjoy these benefits?

  • Space : Lighting can help you show off your reception venue. Strategically spotlight architectural features, vista points, or stunning vaulted ceilings.

  • Background Themes: Lighting can help define your reception’s decor. You can have a colors that makes you feel warm and cozy.

  • Confidence:  Not everyone could dance, right? People sometimes need some boost to increase their confident level. This is done with lighting, making the atmosphere feel more electrifying to the human body.


Give your venue the look of ambiance in the room. This makes your reception an eye candy and also pop in your photo.


We use SoundSwitch to perform all our intelligent light shows. It allows music to sync to the lights with various patterns. This lighting solution help with setup and tear down of equipment. A light show can motivate you and your guests to party to the extreme.

DJ Lights

Dance Floor Lights

These Lights focus more on the dance floor to keep the party entertaining. Especially, having a spotlight on the bride and groom first dance.

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